Fredrick Shapiro

Le Gourmet Kitchen recently finished a kitchen remodel for us and we are so very pleased with the final product they have produced in our home. Our kitchen was not so much remodeled as transformed. We just love both the look and functionality. And the quality is most definitely first rate. Our installer was a craftsman and a true master at his trade.

A few minor course corrections notwithstanding along the way, the process was prompt, professional, and always customer service oriented – repeatedly going the extra mile to make sure the end result was perfect. Jonathan Salmon and his team were a pleasure to work with. From inception to the finished result the process was efficient and painless. And the attention to detail was amazing.

Jonathan taught us that a well-designed kitchen should be both functional and have a “wow” factor in its look. Ours has both. And all we can say now is….”wow!”