Our Creative Team

Bruce Colucci, CKD

Founder and co-owner, Le Gourmet Kitchen Ltd.

Bruce, the heart and soul of Le Gourmet Kitchen, is a unique blend of artistic passion and culinary zeal. His vibrant personality is a delightful mix of creativity, a zest for life, and a generous dose of humor. These qualities are the driving force behind our marketing and public relations success, making Le Gourmet Kitchen thrive for over 30 years.

Born in Hyde Park, New York, Bruce’s journey began with a hunger for progress and adventure that led him to the city of Los Angeles, where he dove headfirst into the kitchen and bath design industry. His career took flight at the Pacific Design Center, immersing himself in the contemporary trends emerging from Germany and Italy in the early 1980s.

In 1990, a move to Orange County beckoned, where Bruce took his experience and joined a startup kitchen firm in Newport Beach, featuring Poggenpohl furniture.  Economic turbulence forced that company’s closure and opened the doors to a golden opportunity. Alongside his former business partner, they created what is now Le Gourmet Kitchen.

“A kitchen is like an artist’s canvas, a blank slate awaiting the strokes of inspiration drawn from the client’s desires. Everything revolving around balance, proportion, and the timelessness of good design”.

Bruce’s 40 plus year career includes accolades as an accredited Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), with his work featured in various national publications, film and television. His deep understanding of kitchen ergonomics creates the perfect setting for both the novice and seasoned home chefs. 

Beyond LGK, Bruce’s world revolves around savoring a glass of wine, hosting gatherings, and indulging in his passion for cooking. Nestled in Mission Viejo with his wife of 31 years he embraces the great outdoors through biking and trail running in the backcountry of Orange County. Bruce is not just a designer; he’s the embodiment of creativity, authenticity, and a commitment to crafting spaces that inspire and elevate lives.


Jonathan Salmon, CMKBD, CID, CAPS

Co-owner, Le Gourmet Kitchen Ltd.

Jonathan is the embodiment of a seasoned home chef, having cultivated his culinary skills from the tender age of his grandmother’s tutelage. His culinary prowess, coupled with his sharp business acumen, uniquely positions him to oversee the administrative side of Le Gourmet Kitchen.

Born and raised in the vibrant landscape of South Africa, Jonathan embarked on a journey to the United States in 1990. Initially pursuing studies in architecture, he eventually honed his focus on the intricate realm of kitchen and bath design. Jonathan’s dedication to his craft is exemplified by his prestigious credentials as a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD) and a Certified Interior Designer (CID). His extensive travels and residencies across the globe have gifted him a vast reservoir of cultural influences, geographic inspirations, and design elements to infuse into his clientele’s projects.

In his design philosophy, Jonathan is known as a proponent of the “less-is-more” mantra, favoring simplicity and functionality. Every design choice he makes, whether aesthetic or mechanical, is meticulously crafted with the client’s well-being at its core. 

“My clients are more than my customers – They’re my friends. I don’t provide anything to them that I wouldn’t have in my own home”.

Beyond the realm of design, Jonathan is an ardent boating enthusiast, often found on his boat, immersing himself in the tranquil embrace of ocean surroundings. This passion has been a constant thread in his life, dating back to his youth when he served as a crewman in the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). Jonathan calls Anaheim Hills home, where he continually hones his culinary skills, delighting his wife and family with gourmet creations that mirror his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Olesia Kravchenko

Olesia is a remarkable individual whose journey has been defined by creativity, determination, and a thirst for exploration. Hailing from Ukraine’s Poltava region, she has always been drawn to the world of artistry, a passion that led her to enroll in art school while still attending regular classes.

Her unconventional path into interior design, a field not widely recognized a decade ago in Ukraine, was marked by her boldness. While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Design, she also embraced the role as a model, showcasing her resilience and versatility. Olesia’s passion for design is deeply intertwined with her love for travel. Her journeys across the diverse landscapes of Europe have fueled her creativity, drawing inspiration from the unique aesthetics of each country she visited.
After graduation, Olesia ventured into the realms of Interior and Graphic Design. She further honed her skills with software like Revit and 3Ds Max. Remarkably, she managed to seamlessly balance her official interior design role in Kyiv with freelance projects, demonstrating her dedication to her craft.

In the face of Ukraine’s challenges, Olesia, along with her family and faithful dog companion Jessica, embarked on a courageous new chapter in Irvine, California. In a remarkably short span of three months, she showcased her talent by delivering an impressive portfolio of 30 kitchen and bathroom designs, mastering the Chief Architect CAD program.

Her sights are now set on obtaining an Interior Designer license in California, where she aspires to be a guiding light in the design community.
In every aspect of her life, Olesia exudes authenticity and kindness. Her dedication to crafting spaces that inspire and uplift others makes her a driving force for positive change in the lives of all who have the privilege of crossing her path.

Lianna Awbrey

Drafting Technician

Lianna spearheads the technical facet of Le Gourmet Kitchen, boasting over a decade of immersive experience in the design industry. She’s the crucial link between concept and reality, working closely alongside Bruce and Jonathan to translate your vision into finely detailed CAD plans and visually captivating 3D conceptual renderings.

Her unwavering dedication centers on kindling boundless excitement within you, our esteemed client, as you anticipate the haven you’ll return to every day.

Beyond the office, Lianna’s life is a blend of globetrotting adventures and serene nights spent at home with her husband and their trio of feline companions.