Vision Statement


To provide excellence in design work, create unique environments that improves and inspires the lives of our clients, their families, and friends. To offer quality products at fair prices and educate our clientele during the design process allowing them to make intelligent decisions. To treat our clients as we would our own family.


Work with clients that appreciate quality and design, understanding that design does not need to be compromised by budget, but rather budget should be addressed to create the perfect design.

Employ dedicated individuals who share our company values and bring a positive, constructive, and creative spirit thus ensuring we maintain a harmonious and enjoyable work environment.

Partner with vendors that share in our commitment to provide products that meet with the highest levels of quality whilst maintaining good environmental stewardship. Manufacturers that always stay in the forefront of innovation and offer value products suitable for our discerning clientele.

Build strong relationships and collaborate only with sub-contractors that are professionals in their respective fields. Sub-contractors that have the highest integrity, complete the jobs as planned, and in a timely manner with exceptional workmanship.

Ultimately satisfied clients are essential to our future success!

Celebrating Our 30th Year in Business

Creativity – Integrity – Honesty – Quality – Commitment – Reliability