Everyone has different requirements and needs when it comes to their kitchen and bath cabinetry. Le Gourmet Kitchen has several quality cabinet manufactures to choose from in their family of vendors. Whether you are looking for Framed or Frameless cabinetry, custom or semi-custom, tradition, contemporary or transitional styling  we have just what you need for your home. LGK has been providing quality cabinetry for their clients for nearly 30 years. The relationships with many of their suppliers has spanned their three decades in business.

Don’t– Buy cabinets because they are the cheapest. You can change a range out or replace a refrigerator if push comes to shove, but your cabinetry, once they’re installed there’s no turning back. Have a professional measure the kitchen for your cabinetry investment arrives and installs as planned. Measurement errors  can add weeks to finishing up your kitchen getting replacement parts.

Do– Research different options for your cabinetry. There is something in the marketplace for everyone, so budget accordingly. Below we’ve broken down construction types and classification levels in a simple and easy to understand format. This is what we use when working with our clients to help them understand why costs vary. I am really being concise with my descriptions below; I could write a book on the subject. Do select a neutral cabinet finish, design trends change, it is a fashion. You are better off staying with neutrals and add color and accents in accessories, backsplashes and wall finishes. These are easier to change as the years go and as fashion trends change.

Construction Types-

Framed Cabinetry:

This construction method is the traditional method of construction. It has been used for decades and chances are this is what you currently have in your home. Its construction is composed of a frame attached to a box with the doors attached to the frame. Often there is a space or reveal around the door exposing some of the frame. This type of construction does sacrifice some drawer space as a result of the face frame, which is fine in larger kitchens, but not the best in a small kitchen where every inch of space is critical. I use framed construction generally when I am doing inset door or period/ traditional work.

Frameless Cabinetry:

Often called Euro Case Construction, 32 mm construction. This type is easy to spot as its simply a box where the doors are attached to the case with concealed hinges. The style is always a full overlay with very small reveals around the door usually 1/8” -3/16”. I have found that frameless cabinetry is a little more expensive to install and requires someone with higher skill level to install correctly.

Classifications of Cabinetry:

Stock or RTA:

This class of cabinet is a quick ship, often stocked locally. It has limited cabinet sizes, configurations, door styles, wood species and finish options. It’s generally not as refined of a product as the finishing techniques are intended for mass production and value pricing. This is the least expensive options for cabinetry and for a many homeowner it’s the perfect fit. When you hear the term RTA that means “Ready To Assemble”. This is generally  frameless cabinetry often a less expensive option, however, you are responsible to put the pieces together.


A Semi -Custom cabinet is a cabinet that is made to order with limited ability for cabinet modifications needed to achieve a flawless installation. The main limitations are wood specie, door style and finish options available by the manufacturer. Many “so called” Semi Custom lines that are built to order are very restrictive as to what they will modify in their facility. An example of a true semi-custom cabinet would be the allowance of angled cabinet modifications, flush finished sides, finished bottoms, flush toe kicks, exact reductions in width, height and depth, door and drawer front special sizing, etc. This type of cabinet is always delivered with a furniture grade finish and takes care in the selection of materials used.      


The client that is interested in furniture quality cabinetry and endless options choose this option.  This cabinet classification is custom, which by definition “made or done to order for a particular customer”. This cabinet has the capability to provide almost anything a client requires i.e. special wood species, original and unusual door designs, custom finishes, etc. Generally, this is the more expensive option depending on material selection. It is a  more refined finished product as extensive time is taken in production. The end result is fine furniture built exclusively for your home.        

Shop Built:

Throughout the country there are local cabinet makers with smaller equipped shops. Some of the cabinet shops finish the cabinets and some you are on your own to have the cabinetry finished. Although many are building custom cabinetry it is hard to determine precisely what quality of product they are building unless they have a very specific set of standards. They are limited to the capabilities of their cabinet shop and local resources.