I had compiled my “dream kitchen” wish book and showed it to Bruce when we were in the beginning stages of our kitchen remodel. Bruce took my dreams and with his amazing designer talents captured exactly what my husband and I envisioned plus some!

He is an amazing designer! He has the experience and an eye for creativity, functionality, and he listens to that which is important to you. Once his and our vision were captured on blueprints, including beautifully done colored drawings of our future kitchen, he went to work to oversee our project.

He is very knowledgeable when it comes to kitchen appliances, granite, tile, cabinets, lighting down to fixtures, knobs and the magic corner! Ask him about that because it really is special and space efficient. The lighting he set up in our kitchen and family room is brilliant! We love the graphic eye he recommended we install.

Let me say this though, kitchen remodels are not for the weak! Factor in that 10-20% budget overage and expect delays. What I knew for certain is I could contact Bruce and he was going to make it happen and most importantly make me happy. I am detail oriented and so is Bruce so this was a very successful, often stressful, beautifully designed, highly functional kitchen project that was and still remains a happy ending. And, my husband and I are still remain friends with Bruce and visit from time to time.